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Our Background

Since the founding of the Green Lake and Duck Lake Association in 1974, our volunteers and members have so generously donated their time, knowledge, and financial resources to carry out the mission of our association and ensure our lakes remain a cherished resource for all to enjoy now and for generations to come. 


Area of Service

The geographic area of coverage that is serviced through the Green Lake and Duck Lake Association includes: Green Lake, Duck Lake, the watersheds of the two lakes, the Betsie River headwaters, the portion of the Betsie River downstream to the Grand Traverse County Line, the creeks and streams that flow into Green Lake and Duck Lake and the waterways that connect the two lakes.

What We Do

  • monitor and work to maintain water quality conducive to enjoyable recreation and sustainability of fish resources

  • monitor for invasive species and take necessary action steps to control/limit spread

  • engage in shoreline stewardship initiatives and education for lakeshore protection

  • support evaluation and measurement of hydrological data to align with best practices

  • promote conservation of our watershed

  • advocate to maintain lake quality and environmental integrity in regards to financial and civic affairs

  • promote water/boating safety awareness

  • share information regarding swimmer’s itch

  • distribute updated information/resources to our members

  • encourage membership growth & volunteer engagement 

2023 Association Accomplishments

Board of Directors' Responsibilities

We’d like to thank our members and volunteers for their generous contributions. We couldn’t do it without you! If you are not an active member, we invite you to become familiar with our mission, activities, explore our website, contact us to volunteer, or become a member


Your membership and participation are vital in the protection, maintenance, and improvement of our lakes and preserving associated property values. We thank you for your support!


Regular Membership is available to any person supporting the objectives of the Association provided that person has applied for membership and been accepted as a member as identified in Article III of Association by-laws

Associate Membership
An Associate Member is any firm, foundation, corporation, trust association, or other legal entity who supports the goals and mission of the Association, but does not meet the requirements for regular membership as set forth in Article III Section 2 of Association by-laws

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