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As we grow the Green Lake and Duck Lake Association, it’s always wise to make sure that the Bylaws are up to date and reflect necessary improvements. The updates we are seeking for our bylaws will help us obtain Federal Nonprofit status by better defining our mission and updating our management practices. This update was reviewed and found to be in proper compliance with state and federal guidelines by the law firm of Olson, Bzdok & Howard, P.C.
This update to obtain Federal Nonprofit (501c3) status will restructure our association:

  • By allowing GLADLA to apply for and receive Federal financial grant money

  • (for lake improvements and invasive species management)

  • By implementing a better set of rules for election of Directors and Officers

  • By expanding membership status

  • By allowing monies provided to the association to be tax deductible

  • By allowing virtual meetings, electronic and proxy voting

  • By allowing dues paying members voting rights at the annual meeting

This bylaw update is extensive and we have provided a copy of the current Bylaws and the revised Bylaws on the Association for your review in the links above. Please take the time to read them as this is your association and you have a vested interest in how it operates. If you have questions to be
answered click the "contact link" at the bottom of this page. Your board members have worked diligently to effect these changes and we hope you will find them acceptable and return your completed ballot quickly so that we can proceed to use the updated bylaws for our 2021 planning. Please return your affirmation of the Bylaws by Monday, November 30 or sooner. The final vote will be tabulated by the combined ballots of the web-based and US mail votes.
Ed Dewey, President Green Lake and Duck Lake Association

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