Treasurers Page

Green Lake and Duck Lake Association (GLADLA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1974, dedicated to the protection, preservation, and continued improvement of our Lakes  The income for GLADLA comes entirely from membership and donations from others. Dues for association members are $25 per year, and accepted all year.  Donations are accepted anytime and greatly appreciated.

GLADLA expenses cover projects undertaken by different committees dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on our lake’s chemistry, clarity and native plant populations. We have enhanced our effectiveness as stewards of the lake by employing a lake management company to assist our efforts in monitoring the lakes for invasive species. We work with other lake associations, townships, and educational institutes to improve our knowledge of "best practices" in lake management


Treasurers Duties


  • Maintain Lake Association Membership Master File. Compare information provided when dues are paid and make updates as required

  • Check Post Office Box on a regular basis. Pay annual fee when notified by PO that fees are due.

  • Provide mail to proper recipient if required. IE phragmites responses to project leader.

  • Pay Invoices as they are received. Verify with requestor that invoice is approved and accurate.

  • Deposit monies to Bank

  • Prepare deposit slip and identify check individually on back of deposit slip.

  • Check direct deposit websites (PayPal and Stripe) to identify dues paid.

  • File annual State of Michigan Corporation update and pay fee.

  • Maintain membership with Michigan Lakes and Streams Association and pay annual fee.

  • Maintain TIP of the Mitt membership and pay annual fees.

  • Prepare Association Treasures report of Income/Expenses and report to Board. Reports are submitted at first meeting of the year. Include an EOY for previous year, and A Year-to-Date Report and then a monthly report throughout Board meetings.

  • Prepare Directory of GLADLA membership for Annual Meeting. This allows verification of attendee current membership status and address.

  • Greet attendee at annual meeting/verify membership and collect any dues being paid from members.

  • Prepare Treasurers Annual Report for GLADLA and present at annual meeting.

  • Newsletters: Prepare/Print mailing labels for winter and summer newsletter mailings. Obtain stamps and newsletter seals for mailing.